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Meditation and Visualization

This will be a free class for those who would like to try something new.
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Meditation and Visualization

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Mar 08, 2020, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
1218 Montaigne Dr, 1218 Montaigne Dr, St. Louis, MO 63131, USA

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Where visualisation uses the mind and the imagination for creative and healing purposes, the main purpose of meditation is to link with the higher self and spiritual source. This can only take place when the mind is still. All effective meditation techniques lead to this calming of the mind. In doing so, meditation allows the personality to make contact with the soul, providing a channel. Meditation is a great healing technique.

Apart from its physical benefits, meditation has been shown to be effective in stress release. These positive effects act on the levels of mind and emotion to release stored negative and other unwanted energies. Repressed emotional and mental material may be stored in any part of the physical body or in the chakras. Meditation has the power to unlock these energies and bring renewed energy flow.

In the meditative state we are wholly conscious, but the mind is as still as possible. If prayer can be described as “talking” mode then meditation can be described as “listening” mode. 

The mind is able to be slowed when we have something to focus on that helps it to distract itself. When we learn to slow our minds down and think of nothing without any help, we are able to bring ourselves into a state of total awareness. In this state, healing can take place and we are able to access our inner child and higher mind. 

With the use of soft or rhythmic music we are able to place our focus on something that does not need our intense concentration. Music has this ability to slow our thought process down.  When we stop thinking, we start to truly listen to what is going on within ourselves. We are able to hear our higher mind and our inner child. We learn how to listen to our body and what it has to say. If something is off balance or not right, we are able to talk to our bodies and find out exactly what the problem is. Through meditation we learn to train our mind to function the way it was meant to. Instead of our mind controlling us, we control our mind. Our higher self becomes in charge once more. All our extra sensors open and we are able to access our hidden knowledge and gifts that are blocked from us through the mind stopping them coming through. Meditation provides all of these powerful healing tools. 

When you see a drama going on in your life, say to yourself that you refuse to be food for negativity. Start meditating and learn to bring back your self-awareness. Allow your inner frequencies to become open and alive. Allow love, joy and happiness to flow through you. Allow yourself to connect to mother earth and feel where you belong. Allow yourself to unite with the heavens and connect to your true destiny and purpose. 

Get into the habit of meditating and learn to slow your mind down and open yourself up to your inner awareness. You will learn how to tap into your body, higher mind and inner child. This class will give you tools to start you on your own path to meditation!

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  • Meditation and Visualization

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