Yesterday for me could have been viewed by many as a bad day. My daughter had an accident during rush hour and we spent 4 hours on the side of the road waiting for AAA to come to get her and her car home because the roads were so bad from the ice and snow. There were accidents everywhere. In the midst of all of this, I saw miracles in everything.

The first miracle was in the mechanism of her accident. She was in the 3rd lane from the shoulder with a full highway of cars. She spun out on the icy surface and did a 360 spin towards the shoulder of the highway ending up backwards against the side of the road. How could she have made it across all of those lanes without hitting another car? I call that a miracle.

The next miracle was people. After her accident, a gentleman stopped and let her sit with him in his truck for almost 2 hours so she wouldn't be alone or in danger in her car. He waited with her until we arrived. She wasn't far from home but it took us hours to get to her due to the mess on the highways.

More people kept stopping to ask if she needed help despite the bad road and weather conditions. One woman stopped on her way home from her grandmother dying to see if she could do a good deed to make up for the day she had. We sent each other prayers. At least 3 officers stopped to make sure we were ok. I looked at every person as the miracle they were because they took the time to care. Humanity is definitely alive and well. We just don't see it because we get so caught up in our lives and the negativity around us.

The last miracle of the night was the Taurid meteor shower. As we were driving home, there was a beautiful flash on our right, that was as bright as a lightning bolt. We both turned in time to see a meteor that was a bright fireball. According to many, this is a sign of good luck, because living in populated areas these are rarely seen so brightly or at all.

So I say to my daughter and all of you, how can you not believe in miracles!

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